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Has anyone been able to email the Iberostar Varadero? I’ve been trying to email Belkis for the last week or so, and the email won’t go through. I need to know when she needs the paperwork sent down (with passport numbers, witness information etc so she can get the license) but the message keeps getting bounced back to me.Also, is it better to fax that information, or to UPS it?
I sent my paper work in January and we were married in Feb. I e-mailed it all to her and it worked fine. Don’t bother spending money on sending it any other way as e-mail works fine. Providing you can get your e-mails to go through soon. It is Cuba and I had read a little while ago they were having troubles with their e-mails systems so maybe just give it a couple more days. I can try sending Belkis an e-mail and I can let you know if it goes through or not.
The last time Belkis e-mailed me was in June and she advised me that she will contact me when she will need all my info. She said about a month before the wedding. I get married in April. I hope they haven’t changed wedding coordinators. Think positive, as they say.


Thanks for your replies, I’ll try not to stress about it. Never thought of just emailing it…that would be easy. I had emailed her back in May, and she said she had book May 8th at 4pm for us (we arrive on the 5th) Is this date set in stone, or will it get changed?

Thanks for your help, your pics are awesome Newfie2!

Your date should not change unless you request a change. I had mine booked pretty much a year in advance and it was fine. Sometimes the time may change a little but I don’t think this happens often. 4pm is a wonderful time. We were married at 3 but went in Feb and the daylight is shorter, in May 4pm will be fine. Yeah, diff e-mail in your paper work.

Thanks, we are quite fond of our pics.

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