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I have been to Punta Cana about 20 times in the past 17yrs and I have always had an open mind regarding reviews. Before going this time I was surprised at the poor reviews it got but I remained open minded and I’m glad I didn’t listen to any of the bad reviews !!!!!! This resort is great, it is not as good as lets say Dreams, or Excellence but it was a great time, the food was very good, the entertainment is exactly what Punta Cana has at most resorts. The staff were good. I am an American and over 50, (had to say that before the next paragraph) While I was standing in line to check in, there were 3 couples (all over the age of 50) and all Americans. They were complaining about their rooms not being in the location that they wanted……I was so embarrassed !!! Have you guys never visited other countries before and/or do you expect everyone to bow down to your every whim ??? stay home !!! The beach, pools,drinks, staff, entertainment were of Punta Cana quality and I would go back to this resort without any hesitation. oh by the way, no bugs that I could see that didn’t belong on a tropical island !!!!!!!

Room Number:

Room Block:

arrival was effortless. $10 or $20 for the safe I forget.

room was just as I saw on the website. nothing more nothing less

Restaurants and Bars:
I enjoy the buffets, we ate one night at the Caribe (seafood) no big deal, I like the idea of buffets then out to the bar areas.


Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
didn’t do any this time but have in the past, snorkling trips are always fun

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