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Hi all well I got back from Panama on Monday after a 2 week stay .Decameron is just great , the site is breath taking , the staff very well organized . We ate at a few of the a la carte restaurants and they were all good . The buffets also had a god choice , you can always find something you will like to eat ,so anybody that says that the food is not good is really hard to please . The stairs are a bit of a challenge but they did not kill me , I must admit that I didn’t go up them 20 times a day ;D. The hotel is clean , nothing fancy but extremely well keep . The only things that were missing were the little things, no coffee pot in room , no ice buckets , and not free fridges but these are all minor . Go and see this place you will love it
Welcome back Mary. Sure glad to hear you liked it there. Did you forget to mention about the weather? Never thought about it until I read your message…regarding ice buckets. You can go to any bar and they are willing to improvise an ice bucket for you. They take a large juice jug, cut it down and voila, you have an ice bucket complete with a handle. They will gladly fill it up for you. This is what we did and it worked very well. This thread has been mighty quiet, perhaps it will liven up a bit now.

Yes I did forget the weather . It was hot , sun with cloudy periods . One day had 5 minutes of rain . And the Monday 18th around 6:30 it poured for about an hour . Which was too bad because my friends arrived that evening and I had told them it never rained in Febuary in Panama , but then it cleared , quess it does rain once in awhile in Febuary:)

MaryMy wife and I were there in 05. We had a favorite bartender and we were wondering if he was still there. Did you happen to meet Donnie at the bar attached to the Cafe Med. He was fantastic. We may head back that way soon and it would be great if he was still there.

Ward and Jeannine

wossa Guest Hi Mary1951Can you tell me if there was any excursions etc that where available ? How easy it was to get off resort and have a look around, how safe you felt, the type of things that where available to do, anything thing you would recommend to see etc…….I would be really interested to hear your thoughts.

Wossa……. ;D

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