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Just a quick note to say I made it back. I just flew in this afternoon so things are a little crazy. Will try to catch up and post a few things this week.Had a great time!!!VeronicaPS: Never met Lynnb or Kelley (but I kept seeing groups from Canada wondering if they were in that group) Can’t wait to hear what they thought of the resort.
Hi Veronica:

Never doubted that you had a great time. When are you planning on going back?


hi Veronica, i’m back !!!Sorry to not have got together. I asked at the nega nega a couple times. they wanted to keep giving my pina coladas…. finally one day found someone who new exactly who you were. told him to let you know i was there and would like to meet you. i think that would be the day you left. sniff. sniff. he never came back and i didn’t see him after. I did run into kelly finally, on the plane home! Resort was incredible. luved every minute there!

talk soon

i’m back !!!Resort was incredible. luved every minute there!talk soon Hey Lynn

Welcome back from your vacation. It is nice to know that you thought the resort was incredible and you loved every minute of it.

I hope you will have time to post a review of the resort once you have time to unwind.

I would love to hear all about your vacation and the resort.

Freedom Ryder 8-)………………

i will try very soon to do so!
Yes, really enjoyed the resort. the locals are just so very friendly!

Lynnb- glad you had a great time. I spend most of my time near the Atlantis pool. Although we did spend one afternoon at the Nega nega pool due to a private party that night in the other area. I am already ready to go back. The weather here in Kentucky was great for one day then it went back to cold. (which is unusual for this time of year.) Can’t wait to hear what were some of your favorite things about your trip. I had a blast as usual. Played plenty of volleyball and danced (2 of my favorite things). Oh yeah and fit in some shopping (although wasn’t near the shoe selection that I found last year). Did you take many picture? I took some, but most of mine are of me, my friends that live in Panama and my friends that work at the resort. I did take a few pictures of the ocean.Can’t wait to hear more.


Hi there everyone I am back. I am jones’in it now, can’t seem to get back to reality. I am sure it will kick in soon enough.I thought that the resort was amazing. I can’t believe how well kept up it is. The food was awesome and the bar tenders really great. We hung out most of time by the Cuaga bar by lobby 1. Thanks to Edwin and Manuel–we had a drink everytime we walked up. It was nice to finally meet you Lynn, didn’t see you at the air port, but it was so packed we didn’t see alot of people we wanted to say good bye to.Anyway had a blast and now we are back to crappy weather………..

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