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– from Galeones in Guama. I promised a review; just need a day or two to get it together so please be patient. I promised Admin I would do it. It was another wonderful trip, lots of improvements to this small little resort (more like a boutique hotel) and I’ll try to give an honest review. Not everything was perfect, but time moves on and in Cuba it seems to move on slowly. For those who sent PMs requesting info; I do have some answers but not all. Please look for my review when it’s posted.

Welcome back sund0g. Looking forward to your review.

Welcome back. I look forward to reading your review once it’s posted.

Welcome back sund0g. Thanks for writing review and I hope you were able to rest and enjoy your time in warm climate. You did not miss too much here in Canada regarding weather.

Hola Sund0g welcome back.
welcome backI’ll read the review when it’s up


I had to edit and re-edit and re-edit. I was too wordy. Finally got it chopped up and re-submitted. Will let you know when it’s up.

Excellent review thanks Sund0g.

Thanks Flygt; I didn’t know it was up. It really is chopped up and I guess I still went over the allotted 3000 characters. For those who can forgive typos, please enjoy.

We had surprisingly different impressions during the same period. It was our 9th visit. We visited the beach and village everyday.

Yeah but Runs, you are at least a generation younger; and I happen to know that you sharpened your scissors. And I’m really not sure it was you or the ‘evil brother and alleged wife’. So there!! Have a good Christmas and an even better 2015. Will probably run into you or the evil twin at LG.

Funny. I think we are of a very similar vintage. I meant the beach wasn’t what it was. The regular cook/life guard was only there 3 times a week and the other guys just didn’t do a very good job preparing lunch. It was also crowded and noisy with unwelcome musical "entertainment". Looking forward to seeing you and Mr. Sund0g again. HE seems nice. Best to you both in 2015.


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