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just wondering if anyone has been to the isleno lately and what upgrades were done? thinking of going back there and if any new pictures could be posted, that would be great. just love this small resort that is close to everything. thanksBeth

The isleno is closed for the 2008 season for renovations and possibly longer. We were booked to go to the Isleno Feb. 2008, we were contacted by the travel agent and another hotel offered to us. If you go on the nolitours webpage and put in the isleno it also tells you that it is closed. People who just got back posted on the big juice san andres island site that the work has not even begun yet and there are some politics involved. We stayed there last year and really enjoyed it.

thanks for the quick reply..maybe by 2009 it will be ready.. i was looking forward to another golf cart tour around the island..cheers

I just heard that the Isleno is reopening part of the resort? Don’t know what that means really. If anyone is going to San Andres, maybe you could check out the resort for me, that would be great. And if it will be up and running for next year.

We were in San Andres in March and the Isleno was closed. According to the Big Juice posters it is slated to be torn down and rebuilt as soon as the reno’s at the Aquarium are completed. Apparently the Isleno’s foundation is structurally unsound????

Thanks for the reply….I guess I will have to pick another resort, but I really like the size of the Isleno. I have seen a new one called the Delfines, maybe I will check it out..cheers

The Isleno will not be open for 2008 and 2009 season (up to and including April 2009).***info from Decameron Rep****

Delfines is very small, one pool…sorta like a motel with a pool in the middle of a "U". Most Delfines guests go over to Aquarium for the bars and pools.

Thanks for the latest info on the Isleno..have stayed at the San Louis but didn’t like to be so far out..will keep looking for next year

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