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I stayed here because of the history and it’s fantastic location and wasn’t disappointed. Booked a single but when I got to the room it was a spacious double bedded twin on the first floor – went onto the balcony, the view was excellent: Parque Central in all its glory as well as a good clear view of the Art Museums straight ahead. The flag was right outside my window for the first two nights and then it disappeared – no idea why, I certainly wasn’t complaining…..I even took a photo of it! The bathroom was massive and cool but a bit dated, sink was a little wobbly and the shower could do with a bit of tough stain remover but all round it was fine – water power was pretty good. General points: 1) housekeeping is good and unobtrusive, somehow they always know if you’re in or not – maybe they hold a glass to the door or something because there were no signs to hang on the door! (changing towels dumped and keeping those on rails, also constantly updating the toiletries)and they leave swan towels on your bed which I thought was really sweet – must be a general Cuban thing though as another hotel I stayed at in a national park did the same! 2) Take plenty of GBP or Euros with you as most other currencies seem to cause a few issues – USD are also ok, but beware, the mark-up/commission rate is huge (between 12 and 18%) 3) Don’t eat at the Cafe de Louvre downstairs, the food is bland at best and you can’t always get what you want (I went at about 10pm and was told I could only choose from the sandwiches and omelettes – it was hot so I said I just fancied a salad, but the head chef said it was only possible to order hot light meals!) The drinks are fine though and the band is pretty cool, playing a variety of tunes.

All in all, quite sweet – the staff are generally fine and as helpful as they can be given the language barrier, only had one lady at reception who was aloof and that was 11pm on a Sunday night when I checked in! I would certainly stay here again; this is Havana – I’m not expecting 5* quality for these prices and besides, you spend very little time in the hotel anyway as it is such a vibrant and party-loving city!

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