Interesting Article on the Cuban Real Estate Boom | Debbie's Caribbean Resort Reviews Forums

The last sentence sums it all up, “The market is still immature, but there’s a bit more experience now, and sellers are more and more willing to negotiate,” she said.
Real estate prices were so absurd when the market first opened that it was mind boggling. In most cases now they’re come down to the point where they’re simply overpriced. Crazy times.Cheers,


I thought the most interesting, although not the most positive thing, was "But that trend appears to be re-gentrifying the city along racial lines and class divisions, particularly because lighter-skinned Cubans are more likely to have relatives abroad with money to invest." I think the same trend is happening in Canadian neighbourhoods that are being re-gentrified as well. I’m not sure what you can do about it but poorer people are being driven out of their own neighbourhoods when their apartments/flats are being purchased, fixed up and being rented out again at a much higher rate.

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