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For those of you who are planning on taking your laptop, there is free internet connection in the rooms. At least in the Tower buildings. Not sure if there is in the other ones. (I am typing this from my room). You must have the cord to connect to the internet connection. If not, they are available in the gift shop for five dollars. If you have a small laptop/netbook – they fit in the safe.
Hi Bebbie, we took our mini laptop as well, fit nicely in the safe. we were in tower 4 but the internet did not work in our room, we tried the corded as well as the wi fi. we just took the laptop to the lobby as it was so close and the laptop only weighs 2 lbs so not heavy to tote around. We also connected by the pool at pastafari. not as good a connection there however. we used the skype to call home and worked fine.

We had a very good time , it was our second time to Salinitas.

What would you describe as a "small laptop"? What are the approx. dimensions of the safe? Thanks,

8-1/2" screen….dimensions of safe may be 12" across – 9" high – 9" deep (approx.)We were told if the connection doesn’t work in our room to let front desk know and they will send someone in to fix it.

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