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Is it ok to bring a ipad to Cuba?

Its OK by me.
Customs is ok with Ipads too.

The "no electronics" worry is one of those weird internet urban myths that just won’t die. I think it’s left over from the days many, many, many, years ago when laptops were sometimes looked upon with suspicion so on rare occasion you had to sign a form to prove you didn’t leave it behind in Cuba.In any case it’s (obviously) no problem.Have fun.Cheers,


As others mentioned above you will not have issues. I bring mine every time when I travel and never had issues.

My iPad is definitely going with me. My new GoPro camera connects wireless to my iPad. My wife can sit on the shore and watch me snorkel and record what she likes

Not sure you’ll get a wireless connection through the water though.

Not sure you’ll get a wireless connection through the water though. True… and I that just gave me the bright idea of the day! I’m going to put the camera in my bath tub… will see if it’s actually waterproof and see if I get a connection through water!

Is your camera to ipad connection Bluetooth (or whatever the next generation is called) or thru your wifi?

GoPro’s WiFi connection doesn’t work underwater.Cheers,


Kinda my point. Creating your wet or dry wifi connection in Cuba would be expensive. N’est pas?

Test Completed….and I’m happy to report that I was able to keep the connection when I dumped the camera in the bath tub. It was only about a foot of water so you might lose the signal if you dive down to the bottom of the ocean. But if you paddling around and you have the camera just below the surface it’s going to work fine.Beansntoast…the camera creates its own wifi network… no cost. You just search for the network on your iPad and voila! Through the app that you downloaded you can remotely operate the camera.I was also pleasantly surprised with the range. While the camera was submerged I was able to leave the bathroom and walk to my family room and I still received the signal. An unobstructed signal on the beach should work really good….
I am a luddite. And intrigued. I still think your test depends on your in house wifi. Turn off your wifi router and try it again. Any wireless connections I have, not thru wifi, are limited to 30′ – 60′.
Bluetooth is still magic to me

LOL Beansntoast…you will have to trust me on this one…it’s wifi not Bluetooth. I actually have to physically disconnect my iPad from my house wifi and connect to the camera’s wifi. If you are interested I can film exactly what I’m doing and post it here.

Again, I’m a luddite, but where are you going to find a wifi connection on a Cuban beach?

The camera has a built in router. It transmits a wireless signal and creates it’s own network. It’s like any other wireless network you want to connect to. It’s password protected and you need to know the password before you can connect to the camera. Nothing different from going to your local Timmies and connect to their network.

The point I was curious about. There is no network to connect to on the beach.

I think what Blixem is explaining is that the camera itself is the network. I used to have a printer that worked that way. I could connect the computer to it, even if there was no other network within 100 miles.

Let me try and explain it this way. The camera is the network. You carry your own private network with you. It’s a private network between the camera and the iPad. You can’t surf the internet and stuff like that. You can only connect to the camera.

I’ll post a video to explain. I think that will help

I am impressed and educated. Thanx.

I made a short video to demonstrate how the camera connects to my iPad and a brief underwater video. Looking forward to try this out at Paraiso in 17 days!

Blixem, you’ll be very, very lucky if you can get it to work. I have a pile of experience with GoPros and the WiFi signal normally drops off in less than a foot of water.If you have it head or chest mounted you might be okay, but any actual snorkelling beneath the surface and you’re almost assured to lose the signal.Good luck and have fun.Cheers,


If I can actually get it to work I will wear the head mount otherwise plan B will be to have it on my wrist and the wife will have to get her feet wet and snorkel with me LOL!

Is it necessary to have it live from your gopro to your ipad? Could you not just transfer it when you hit dry land? Sounds complicated.

No it’s not a necessary feature. Just a nice to have so my wife can sit on beach and see what I see when I snorkel.

The video stays on the camera. It’s only remote controlled through the iPad

Thanx Blixem. Looks similar to me connecting and controlling my wireless speaker from my Ipod. What I did learn is you can expect a wifi range of +/- 150′ or 12" of water.

Have fun. Looks like a great toy.

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