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i have been reading quite a bit there is some kind of sickness going on at Decameron Salinitas, is it true? could it be from over indulgence or is there a bug going on? any insight would be appreciated

People are so quick to blame something going around on the resort. They don’t consider it could be the combination of foods being prepared differently, over indulgence, too much sun. Guests arriving at the resort in not good health could easily pass things around. Many a guest walked past me – coughing without even covering their mouth. I find that the resort is kept clean. Often you will see kitchen staff working with surgical-like masks on. There are workers standing outside public washrooms that will go in and clean after the washroom is vacated.

‘One’ of the reasons we returned to this resort for the third time was due to how clean it is kept.

thanks for your reply! we have travelled to many caribbean islands and lots get the troubled tummies b/c of as you said over indulgence. WE always bring immodium and gravol and it takes care of the problem. We are really looking forward to going here!

In addition to Bebbie’s remarks, I would like to stress the importance of avoiding drinking or ingesting the tap water which is very well-marked as "non-potable" throughout the resort–to the point of not even rinsing your tooth brush in tap water–please use the bottled water provided.
We have now enjoyed 5 beautiful vacations to this resort & look forward to more!!!!

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I have to agree with Bebee. I saw the resort being quite diligent in sanitizing and doing what they could to avoid contamination. Where does sickness originate? Too hard to pin it down but could be several factors as outlined above. (personally, I think most often the passengers on the plane bring some form of bug down). On a plane of 200 plus, more likely at least one person has some form of gastro going on. Who knows but I can’t be quick to point a finger at the resort.

I was there in January, both my boyfriend and I got a really bad cold that needed medical attention. I work in health care, so i know full well the hygene precaution, but still we both got sick, but trought no fault of the resort. It just that some people are sick and go to the buffet and use the spoons to take food after they just cough in there hands….. and stuff like that. It cant be helped.Just carry a small hand sanitizer with you, you’ll be fine. And no upset tommy for anyone that i meet while there.

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