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[quote=@sunlover]We always fly Club and yes I can tell you for a fact they do announce all passengers flying Club/Options Plus or anyone needing assistance please line up at gate #. There is also a sign and partition. Unless things have changed since April.
They use to try and bring the VIP guest out in front of the Club/Options but that was put to a stop. They now wait until after Club/Option are on board. Many complaints to Transat no doubt.[/quote][b]We just returned from Santa Clara, flying SunWing Elite Plus… As Terry mentioned, on SunWing’s Website it said… ** Priority check-in and boarding are only available at Canadian airports.

That said, we sat one row back from the front windows, ready to line up (in the centre aisle) after they called “passengers needing assistance and families with young children”. What a disaster/chaotic mess it was! The VIP people hadn’t even time to get there in a timely manner, and neither did the elderly/infirm, nor the young families. People began swarming the front area ahead of time, edging out “the above mentioned passengers”. We stood up in the centre lane/aisle between the rows of seats, and stood firm, keeping all others stuck behind us, until the “large number queue jumpers” and “VIP, elderly & young family” passengers cleared the front area. Only then, did we move forward. It was unbelievable…

Would also like to add that there is definitely a separate check-in for either Club/Option Plus/Elite Plus passengers in the front terminal. Yes, you are checked in quickly, however, the problem then lies with a toss-up at the lineup at the Departure Tax counter (we were through within minutes, fortunately) and the lineup for Customs.

It was the lineup for Customs that was excruciatingly long. We were about fifth in a line, but we were through even before some of the VIP passengers in their line. The main problem, was the Cubans did not open any of the “Customs Windows” for almost an hour, until almost all the passengers were in the Custom lines.

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