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Well, if there’s a country in need of tourism dollars, it’s Haiti. The country of Haiti has not had a regular tourist market in nearly 20 years. Haiti is a very interesting, mysterioius, and intriguing place to vacation. We have been going in and out of that country since 1989 and are still here to talk about it. I know that this forum says no commerical posting, but this link that I am going to add is for travelers who may want to consider a vacation in Haiti.

Great website, James. However, interesting or not, Haiti cannot now be considered a safe tourist destination. Kidnappings for ransom are currently a serious problem. UN peacekeepers have been forced to engage in firefights. Knowledgeable business travellers know enough to line up armed private security escorts. Hopefully, Haiti will one day progress to the point where tourism can again play an important part in the economy.

I visited Haiti as a tourist 22 years ago and the devastation to the people and the countryside were beyond belief even then. From all that I read about it, it can only have gotten worse. I pray that one day we may be able to visit again as tourists but believe that our dollars would be more wisely spent in direct charitable donations to a regulated humanitarian organization.

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