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Thinking about travelling to Isla Margarita. Is there much to do there besides the beach? I understand the island is something of a desert? True or not?

It has been many years since I was there, but the island is very desert like. Not very lush. The sand is not white and fine. The main town of Progresso is a lot of fun. And you can take day trips to the public beach Playa del Aqua. There you can get a bite to eat, and there are some fenders too.

Why did you find Caracus scary? Has anyone else travelled to or through Caracus that can give me their opinion on this? Is the beach at Playa del Agua a good swimming beach or is it more for snorkling?


The one thing I remember about it, is that there was a undertow. But still fine for swimming. I don’t snorkel so I can’t anything about that.

Good Morning. We traveled to Marguarta Island 3 years ago on an Apple Vacation package. It was great, very hot. The water had an undertow and I lost my eyeglasses and ear rings with a huge wave. The beach was very windy on most days. We took a jeep island tour with Walter’s Tours and also went out to an island snorkeling with a group of local fisherman. That was scarey. Small boat, lots of people, guy running the motors was smoking with an open gas tank next to him. Although I questioned WHY did we do this at the time, looking back it was the best day of the trip. You experience more with the local than with any other tours. We also shopped in Polamar, nice size city. We flew directly to the island, but I have since heard Apple Vacation does not go there anymore. It is a truly awesome experience, beautiful island and friendly people. We would go back in a heartbeat.
THanks for the info.What beach did you stay at? I am wondering about Playa del Agua in particular, do you know if the water is calmer there? Did you stay at an AI or did you book one of the many B&B’s available. and finally how hot is hot?

I think we may have to fly from here (Edmonton, Alberta) to Miami (overnight there) and then on to Caracus to catch a transfer to Margarita Island. Alternately we can fly to Toronto and try to catch a direct flight from there. Either way we are looking at some long flight plans- 14-22hrs

Just returned from Margarita Island in Feb. We stayed at Purto Del Sol–which is on Playa Agua. It is not a calm beach–very nice, we liked it–but if you are not a good swimmer-DO NOT GO. There are lots of excursions offered but we just went to relax. There is no snorkling at the beach but there were snorkeling trips offered. We flew out of T.O. and it was a 5.5 hour flight to T.O.–then we had a 3.5 hour drive home—believe me that was long enough!!!!!!

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