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Has anyone been to this island. I have heard it is a nice place to visit. Can we go for the day or do you have to stay overnight? I am staying at GBPA and would really like your thoughts? Thanks

We began traveling to the Riviera Maya over 10 years ago, staying on the mainland at resorts. We discovered Isla Mujeres in 2005 and have never looked back. So, my advice is obvious: go! Just know that you’ll barely be able to tear yourself away when it’s time to return to the mainland. You can easily go for the day, but it’s a longer trip from GBPA to Puerto Juarez, where you’ll catch the ferry to Isla. You can take an ADO bus to downtown Cancun, then cab to the ferry terminal (not far). This is a very economical way to go, but it’ll take you a little longer. A private transfer will cost you, but it’ll be quicker and you’ll be on your own schedule. USA Transfers are a good company and we’ve used them many times to our satisfaction. AGI is another transfer service I can recommend.If you really want to experience Isla, stay for the night. Small hotels are plentiful and affordable (I can recommend several if you are interested), and then you’ll get to experience sunset on Playa Norte, dinner and a fun evening out. Ferry/transfer back in the morning. No point rushing back to your resort the same day, only to go to bed anyways!Having said all of that – the answer to your question is: yes, you can go for the day. Staying over is better.Whatever you choose, know that this is an easy, enjoyable do-it-yourself day – no need to take an organized tour.Is there anything in particular you are interested in doing while on the island?

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