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This was the second time that I visited this resort; the last time was two years ago. I wrote a review at that time but a lot of reviews seem to have disappeared. The short review is that the weather is 5-star, the price is cheap and the hotel is 2-star. Nevertheless, it is clean and comfortable if you don’t mind minor areas of low quality. The food is basic but adequate. I liked breakfast the best. The restaurant now has an open air feeling as they removed the south and north windows. The "beach" front has been fixed after the hurricane. The beach is actually a long cement area with a bar at the west end. It is not used much so it is easy to get a place to rest. The bar is fun with my buddy Dato and gang. The waves crash onto the reef which is only 40 yards out but it is very mesmerising to watch. The fellow who ran the water craft is no longer there so only swimming is useful although the water is only a couple of feet deep in the "natural pool". It reminds me that the contract for the bikes is not well kept either and some guests would horde whatever bikes worked. To me, there are two attractions here. The weather cannot be beat as it was sunny 13 of 14 days and over 30C. It can be windy but normally has fairly low humidity. The other attraction is the walking one can do into and around the mountains. For 13 days I would hike 13 km per day which is not everyone’s cup of tea. You can take a bus to Baconao for 1 peso and walk back, for example; there are nice views along the way if you poke your nose towards the coast. The staff were very nice and remembered me. They work pretty hard and appreciate you. They don’t demand tips but, of course, appreciate them. Given that the cost of the trip is a bargain then it is easy to tip. The quality of the evening entertainment seems to have gone down. There used to be very good shows there from the Santiago talent pool but now there are small troups doing the shows. The unfortunate thing is that dirty old and even young men tend to come for the vacarious pleasures. I find it to be disgusting in this day and age. Many of the guests leave garbage and cigarette butts everywhere. A gang from Barrie were disruptive to many guests. Of course, they would be the ones to complain.

However, you will meet nice people there. I appreciated Bob giving me a couple of books to read. Josephina and Lucy were fun to meet. Josephina sure liked the Cuban people and tried to help the extremely poor people as much as she could. Perpetual Daniel had his 80th birthday. One needs some perspective in Cuba. I felt bad that there seemed to be more begging outside of the resort.

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