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Arrival: January 9 – 15 Was wonderful, the bar only stays open until 10 and we arrived after midnight looking forward to relaxing with a beer and we were also hungry. The staff greeted us with open arms with a rum drink in hand then they are some guests sat and chatted with us and gave us some Cervasa and we had nice little snacks waiting for us in our room. I felt so welcome.


2 nice big rooms with a king bed in one and chairs and coffee table in another, certainly not a Radisson but quaint,clean, comfortable and cozy.

Restaurants and Bars:

The restaurant opens from 7:30 to 9:30 for breakfast, but you can get coffee earlier. Lunch 12:30- 2:30, Dinner 6:30 to 8:3o.. if you miss any of the meal times they have a snack bar that will give you sandwiches and fries They have a grill and will cook to order. I found the food very good, different than what we are used to, but very pallitable. The bread is fantastic. All the food is locally grown and organic.


We went after the devistation of Ike so some cleanup was still needed. It had two common Bar areas one open with a thatched roof by the bar and pool, the other one was by reception and it also had a bar. The pool is a nice one but small, but there were only about 60 – 70 guests.. depending on the day, as some were coming and going all the time.. never had a problem getting a lounge on the beach or pool. The beach was white sand but windy.. but 10 minute walk away is another beautiful beach.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:

Thurs to Sunday they had a little band that played and we danced the salsa, we could participate in Salsa lessons and spanish lessons, horseback riding, beach volley ball. The bikes were distroyed so there were no bikes available and you had to go into Quartalvarca to get a skooter. The activities director hired a cab for 8 of us and took us to places that the Tour buses would not.. it was great, fun and informative. We also took a sun wing side trip to Sandiego for the day.

Other Comments:

I have never been to an all inclusive and from what I hear from people that have, say this is the most fun they have had, it was a tight knit little group of guests small # not a huge resort with thousands. so things were limited but we loved it and will definately go back, already planning for next year.. The Cuban People are incredible. Well educated, friendly. It felt like a big family. If a person likes the big hotels with 24 hour service, a disco and nightclub, then this is not what you want. I felt I was in Cuba not a resort.

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