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Ahogados y 13 Norte, Guantánamo, Cuba

"not ever again"
Posted by: mandy on Jun 25, 2014
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The hotel is not even far from the city centre, it is located about 2 miles from the centre so the location is just perfect. It is the best hotel in Guantanamo with its very spacious and clean grounds. It has a small swimming pool that is clean and always crowded especially with locals. The rooms are clean and all the taps and water system are working well. The rooms had all the amenities; the air condition was working and efficient. The rooms didn’t have safes so safe keeping of important things has to be kept at the reception desk which was fine by me as long as it is safe but I highly suggest they try to put in safes. The staff was good, at least most of them while some of the others were somewhat rude and it wasn’t funny at all. I mostly ate out of the hotel since I wanted to see the town more so I went out to look for restaurants in the city centre but if you don’t want that, you have your meals at the hotel’s restaurant. It is my first time visiting Guantanamo and it is not as touristy as Havana but it’s a pretty amazing place to visit if you have the chance to. The hotel overall was a good deal for the price, the location is great, good staff for the most part and clean environment, also has spacious and clean hotel grounds. Maybe if I find something better I may not come here but if not, it’s a good place.

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