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I got my airline tickets so it’s official, I AM GOING BACK TO PANAMA AGAIN ;D ;D ;D

We are leaving Cincinnati Sept 22 and returning on Oct 9th and in between will be spending 2 weeks at Decameron and a couple of days in the city with my friends.

I know some people my think that I am crazy to get excited about going to Panama since its my 13th visit (and 9th to Decameron) but I still get excited.

So I am looking forward to chatting about Panama over the next few months so that the time will go by quicker.

Now that it’s official, I can really start the countdown!!!! Woo Hoo!!!!

Hey Veronica, that is great. Are you going alone or is your husband accompanying you?Do you tend to get the same building, when you go to the Decameron?
Is this resort (Royal Decameron) really that good ? I took my 1st AI trip last November to the Playa Pesquero in Cuba and I loved all two weeks of it. I have been looking to book another two week holiday again for mid-November of this year, and I have narrowed my choices down to two, (Playa Pesquero) in Cuba, or the (Royal Decameron) in Panama. I travel alone and I like a quiet and relaxed atmosphere at night (No wild parties or drunken college age kids) and a chance to do a couple of tours off the resort. I am not that picky an eater but I enjoy a couple of pints of beer in the evening, and some snorkling. Any insight to the above comments would be most appreciated.
Bebbie: As of right now, its me and my husband. I told him that if he cancels on me due to work, I am still going. Hopefully he will be able to clear his schedule this far in advance. As far as rooms, I prefer buildings 14, 30 or 31 but as long as I am down on the beach, I am happy. Last trip I was in building 10 and it was actually nice because I was very close to the show area so I could rest at my room then come out in plenty of time for the show and I didn’t have far to go after the show.Zeuszeus: I can’t tell you how good Decameron is in comparison to other resorts, as it’s the only one I have visited. I was going to Panama and fell in love with Panama long before I went to Decameron. I return so often because I have friends in the city and over the years have made close friends that work at the resort. The atmosphere at night can be both quiet and relaxed or a party atmosphere depending on the time of year and majority of the guests (For example when schools are out, there are a lot more teenagers and college kids.) But eve then the resort is very big so you may be able to find a quiet area to relax. I like the food and have never had a problem at all with the choices. Now as far as snorkeling, the water is not clear and the times we tried they said it was too murky so in all my years of going, I have never snorkeled at Decameron. Feel free to ask anything else as I love to talk about Panama.


I understand why U are excited, I’m booked for Feb and am excited as well.Since U are a regular I do have one question , for today Do I need shots ?
I have never ever gotten shots for my trips to panama and never had any problems. I always pack any medical items (advil, neosporin, cortizone, etc) and my epi pen (allergic to bees) in case I need them but no shots.


Hi Vyro I just booked the Decameron for 10 nights and the Decapolis for 4 nights. We leave Oct. 7. Can you get yummy blender drinks at the Decameron? Also, does the Atlantis Buffet offer dinner as well?

Have you ever seen any jelly fish etc in the ocean while there?

Yes and Yes.They have many yummy blender drinks. My favorite is Sexo en la playa and moreno ardiente. ANd they do have dinner buffets at Atlantis all but 1 nights. (I think).I have heard of jellyfish but never seen any myself.


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