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Well only about 5 weeks til I head back to Panama and it’s time to start talking it up again. I love to discuss Decameron and Panama especially when I know I am going to be there soon. It makes me look forward to the trip even more. I am trying to think of a good question or subject for thread. If anyone has any, please post!!!!Hopefully we can get this board hoppin!!!!!!!!V
Haven’t been there yet but will be going in January :D. Looking forward to being there…of course being with our friends will make it a good holiday no matter what!!

We just came back and the Decameron isas good as ever. They are still building and now there is a new pool with a swim up bar. There is also a new restuarant called catch of the day, and you can pay to get shrimps or lobster there. We didn’ try it because our daughter won’t eat seafood. They have trucked in new sand and the beach is fantastic. For all you rye drinkers they have Canadian Club at the lobby 2 bar. They also have a hard rock bar and store across the road in between lobby one and two. We were told on the bus that you had to pay for the drinks but you don’t and the margaritas are terrific. The gym is now down on the beach level and gets really crowded because people can see it. There is a lot of new equipment there. They also have a spa on the beach now. The marina is down the other end now behind the grill restaurant. There are still 105 stairs to level three 16 block and each year they seem to be getting steeper. The old disco is now a sports bar and the disco is down close to where the marina used to be. You can still get the bus to the city for $5.

Hi Lovesun:Aware of everything you wrote, we were there this past January/February. Shhh, you weren’t suppose to tell everyone about the CC at Lobby 2. Wanted that to be kept a secret. When we were there the one night close to closing, there was only a small amount left and the bar tender said he was saving it for a guest. BS! (No we didn’t get angry.) LOL

One thing I must ask….how/where do you go to catch a bus to the city for $5?

hi Bebbie:
The nolitour rep doesn’t tell anyone about the bus. In fact he told us it couldn’t be done. He would like you to take the tours. You go to the lobby and tell them you want the bus to the city and they will phone it to come down to the gate just near lobby one. It takes you to the bus station at Albrook Mall for $5.00. On the way back you go to the Anton kiosk in the bus station, buy your ticket and they will tell you the gate to go to. We also took the Penamone bus to the highway and picked it up there to go to Coranado for about 1.50. They had plenty of rye when we were there. LS

Really need to know if the Royal Decameron is a great place to go for a two week vacation. I did my 1st AI in Cuba last November for two weeks at the Playa Pesquero and I really enjoyed it. I am looking to going back to the same place or to try some place new like Panama. I am not looking for a wild party scene, I am looking to relax for two weeks alone with perhaps two off resort excusions. I am looking at end of October or mid November time frame.

Hi zeus, we have done some AI travelling and found this resort was the best we had so far. Yes it’s large, one point we asked how many guests were there at that particular nite. we were told 1600 ppl. I do not know where these ppl were cause it sure wasn’t crowded or noisy. Food is wonderful, the staff are excellent. Actually friends are booking in El Salvador this year – at a Royal Decameron.

Thanks lynnb. The more I hear about this resort the better it sounds. I will be deciding between Cuba or Panama very shortly now.
ZeusZeus- The only answer I can give to your question regarding whether RD is a great place for a 2 week vacation is to say that I leave in 21 days ;D for my 9th visit since 2001 to the resort. I guess you could say I kinda like it.
It is a big resort but it has something for everyone in my opinion. There are noisier areas for those of us who like to be involved in the activities but there are also quieter areas on the beach for those who want to rest and relax 8-). There are quite a few ala carte restaurants- from Thai food to Mediteranian, and many other choices. There are shows and contests at night in one area, karioke in another, and live musicians at Cafe Med. I have heard many people say 1 week is not enough but 2 weeks is perfect, especially if you do some excursions.Hope whatever decision you make, you have a great time!!!!


I keep coming backto read the reviews , not that I’m counting but but 165 days to go , or 5½ months .Can hardly wait . We had to reserve real early to get the weeks we wanted . Just dreaming about the vacations is keeping me sane or almost

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