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How much does the videographer record …is it just the 10 min ceremony for 200 cuc, or does he go to the cake cutting/reception part…as well??…we might be taking our own cuz I can add music, captions, transisitions, myself if that is all he does for 200

I’ve heard you get a 20 minute video in the end. I’m a professional videographer (not weddings)- so I have the equipment to do it all myself- -expect I’m the bride! I don’t know if I really want to ask a guest to do it. Fiance doesn’t think $200 is worth it all, unless they cover the dinner too.

If you do it yourself, make sure you take a tripod.

thanks….we have an ipod, but didnt even think of taking it for the reception part..I have so much stuff comming at me in a little amount of time where my wedding got changed from april of next year to next month that Im just rushing about trying to figure it all out, and Im not thinking everything through clearly
I love our video..it wasn’t at IV, but let me tell you it was super cheezy. If you have someone that wouldn’t mind doing the video and you can do all the other stuff yourself…that would probably be worth it. Ours has songs that we don’t like, and it went into slow motion when we had our first kiss.

The video did however include cake cutting, champaigne, and he followed us around when we were getting out pictures done. He made a montage at the end…which is cute…it’s like watching a wedding on "Days of our Lives". the video did not include dinner or speeches or dancing.

Good luck in all your last minute planning!


Ok IV girls, if your going to spend money on your wedding, I advise you to spend it on the dvd………..I am all about pictures and figured this would be the most important thing to me but when I saw the wedding video I knew instantly it was the best money I had ever spent. It is so worth it and it captures your day in a way you as the bride, don’t get to see it. It’s the ceramony, your first dance, your guests, your beach pics/pool pics/garden pics………..it’s absolutely amazing. I didn’t shed a tear on my wedding day but when I watched the dvd I bawled like a baby. We loved the music on our video, up to date songs and we even used one for our reception back home.

Aidan24, I wrote tripod, not ipod. You’ll want to bring a tripod so your camera shots will be nice and steady. You don’t want hand held unless you’re a professional. If someone says, no I’ll do it hand held, I’m that good- get them to do a test run for you. You’ll see 20 minutes of hand held video will be shaky. Shaky=amateur and distracting. When are you getting married? Best,


lol…mean to say tripod…must have had somethign else on my mind.when i said ipod, lol..but yah..I can add music and all kinds of stuff the same as the videographer does, but I still have have him booked anywaz jus to make it easier…we are bringing our own to do the cake cutting and that at dinner, but other then that..I dont want to have to worry about anything else so gonna book him…thanks for the info…

getting married nov 13, originally was supposed to be april 30, but then found out i was pregnant, and had to move it up asap before i started showing….I didnt think there would be so many weddings in nov, but there are. There is even another one on the same day as me…AT first we had a really really hard time findingn something, but thank god it all worked out…hence why I am rushing about now, stressig out over everything, trying to get it all in order in a month, wheras before I had quite a few months to plan all this

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