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For some reason I have James on my mind. (James posted as Grumpy Old Man and got the short form of GOM). He researched his first trip to Cuba thoroughly and became a welcome poster to me. He had a habit of explaining everything and a most unusual past; but very open about his trials. He once started his own forum (Dos Centavos). Has any of the old timers here know what he might be doing. I so liked him.

James had a fairly rough ride with some of his more extreme views (especially since he had almost no on-the-ground experience outside of some resort visits) so he was pretty much destroyed on a couple of other forums. He became very disillusioned and retired from any discussion on Cuban forums. A pal talked to him quite some time ago and he expressed no interest in returning to the fray.I really hope his health improved.Cheers,


Please reach out to him and ask him to come here? Very honest man, perhaps a bit to honest and real for some and yes it can be hard to take once in a while; but oh such a wealth of information and another perspective. I remember a long time ago him talking about a visit from you Lenny which he enjoyed very much; perhaps one more try?

I too miss James!

I took it upon myself to phone him a couple of years ago in the hope that he would at a minimum come back to oversee the Dos Centavos Cuba forum he had started. Sadly, his reply was no, not interested. He did however say he was well and remembered some of us fondly.

What if someone started a thread pretty much begging him to come here and we all joined in by telling him how valuable he is to us and then that thread would be forwarded on to him?

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