Jamaica – Explore the Caribbean with Debbie

Everyone wants to have a dream vacation. Dream vacation depends on two things; first destination and second your imagination for a dream vacation. People spend weeks and months trying to find a destination to travel to, and choosing the right destination is really important if you want to have a real vacation.  more…

Many people choose an ordinary location and that is not what they need, because we all live an ordinary life. And when it comes to spending money on something that needs to bring us joy, relaxation and happiness people need to choose carefully and wisely. Making the right decision is very important because those 10-20 days that people spend on vacation are their reward from 365 days of hard work, and they deserve it. If you are looking for a perfect destination, a destination that will change the meaning of relaxation, comfort and joy, to a dream vacation then you must visit Jamaica. Settled in the Caribbean sea as an island, Jamaica has the perfect climate with sunny days, long white sand beaches, clear and blue sea that will leave you speechless. Everyone can fit here, no exceptions. There are many ways how to find a place to stay here. For example, if you want full time enjoyment you can choose one of the hotels settle on the island. There are all kinds of hotels, from a luxury to the traditional kind of hotels. You can stay where ever you want because they are cheap, so everyone can afford to stay at one of the hotels. You can find full experience resort where you can stay all day at one of the pools and work on your tan, you can choose to spend a day at the aqua lands settled in the hotel’s yard. You can also join one of the sports courts settle through the hotel’s yard and have fun with your friends. Also, if you are with children you don’t have to worry about them at all. They can sit at one of the playgrounds and have fun all day long. If you missed some of the meals served through the day, don’t be worried because they have 24 hours a day room service that will serve you anytime you want. But where is the adventure in that.

If you are a real nature lover you can choose one of the bungalows that are settled near the beach. That’s the experience that you will not forget for your whole life. You can enjoy the paradise that this island is offering and will feel like you are part of it. Through the night you can hear the wind whispering in your ears and when you wake up, you will fill rested like never before. There is so much to see on this island, so if you are there, you can hire a tourist guide and he will show you everything you want to see. If not, you can do it for yourself just don’t forget to buy tourist map. You can also spend a day at the beach at one of the bars and have a drink, or learn their Jamaican dance. Jamaica is also famous about their reggae music, and you can see the real music lovers here. There are monuments of their famous reggae singer Bob Marley all over the place, because people there really love him and his music. Feel free to visit some of the restaurants that are settled on this island and have a taste of their delicious traditional food, if you don’t like it, you can order something that it’s similar to your own food taste. Also, there is a spectacular nightlife in Jamacia, you can visit some of the nightclubs and settled on this island, and have fun till the morning.

You don’t have to think anymore, come here visit this place you will have a lifetime experience that you can’t find it anywhere. Jamaica is a place that has nothing similar like other places where have you been, and the time you spend here will be priceless and you will remember till the rest of your life. It’s a sure thing that you will visit this place again and make sure you bring friends and show them this place, they will love it.

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