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Well I haven’t been to Jamaica yet, but am going in a few weeks. Have had friends, co-workers and family go there and all rave about it.I wouldn’t be going normally, but it was about the same price that I paid to go to the DR last year, to go to the Bahia in Jamaica this year. Couldn’t pass up the opportunity.

I LOVE the D.R., so when I get back I will be able to give you some first hand advice and impressions as to which I prefer……

I look forward to your imput…everything I have seen and heard…you will have an amazing time…and if you weren’t out much more $$$ then good for you!!! Cuz what I hear is…thats the biggest deterant in most cases.

I’ve never been to DR and I am not sure I ever will visit , I can’t pull away from Jamaica as I enjoy the fact that I don’t have to worry about drinking the water ,as this makes for a more relaxing vacation, even if the cost is a little more it’s worth every penny.

We’re trying Jamaica for the first time this year. We were in DR in 2005, weather was great, stayed at the Bahia Principe Punta Cana. The resort was too big for our liking. We spent the last four years in Mexico (Riviera Maya) at smaller resorts and really loved it. So now we’re off to Jamaica for something new. I’m hoping it will be a great trip, but must admit to some apprehension. We’re booked at the IB Rose Hall Beach in Montego Bay. Would appreciate any comments or tips for the trip

Had a lot more fun in Jamaica, been to Dominican 3 times, both Punta CAna and Puerto Plata, both very nice , nothing wrong there but Jamaica has more appeal to me , my opinion only !! It might be the people, or the culture, not sure. Either way , DR or JAmaica, win win

hmm ask me after first week of April been traveling since last 10 years or so.. have tried Dominican Republic ,both North and East coasts also Cuba and Mexico Mayan Rivera as well as Cancun so now is time for Jamaica!!!I think it all depends on the individual.. and on what you expect and attitude…2 people can go to same resort same country but hav very different oppinions…

I know some people who have no desire to try Jamaica and some who have raved about it.. To each his own… Myself I like to try new places and if yu really love them yu can always go back

So in approx 60 days Ill let yu know Happy Travels all


Just got back from Jamaica(Feb. 1), first time there. Many times in the DR and also Cuba, St Marteen and St Bart. Very much enjoyed Jamaica, will return.

We didn’t cast a vote in this poll because we are fortunate to be going to BOTH the DR and Jamaica this winter. We booked our Dominican trip months ago when a great deal presented itself and, recently, saw another great deal for Jamaica that we couldn’t resist. When people say it must cost a lot, we ask them how much it cost them to put their kids through minor hockey last year. No kids under our roof. Case closed.

WOOO HOOOO nssunlovers, me too both this year, so as I said win win
I am hoping to go twice this year..still looking for a good last minute to the D.R in April perhaps….

No kids here to put through hockey either….lol ;D

Having travelled to both the Dominican Republic (Samana, Boca Chica) and to Jamaica (Negril, Runaway Bay), Jamaica takes it hands down. Great food, even better drinks, water is safe to drink. I love to try different places as well. Given the choice between the DR and Jamaica, I’d choose Jamaica.
Once you go, you know ….

I’ve been to both islands.The DR is stunning….beaches are breathtaking…reminiscing of Bavaro and Macao beaches in particular. The people are lovely. The food was very good. We drank the water on our hotel property. A great, sunny vacation. But there is nothing like the Jamaican vibe. I used to think it was indescribable but that short but sweet jingle nails it…Once you go, you know. There are lots of places to see and explore but no matter where my travels take me, Jamaica has my heart….and a part of my soul. And I’m IRIE with that.
Jamaica is great and was a nice change for sure. But that being said, I can’t say I was blown away or overwhelmed with Jamaica.Maybe it is all the hype or how I heard that it is so much nicer or once you go there nothing will compare, but I didn’t feel that way.It might have been the terrible weather they have been having this year perhaps that but a damper on it for me.

Would I go back…?..sure I would. Would I choose it or recommend it over the D.R……no…….

After spending the last 4 years in Riviera Maya, Mexico, we’re trying Jamaica for the first time. We’ve had nothing but great weather in Mex. over the years and your comment on the weather in Jamaica gives me pause! Hopefully the weather will improve for our mid-April departure. I’m worried!

This year the weather has not been good at many places. We were in Mayan Riviera this Jan. and it was cool for most of the week. Hardly anyone had sunburn on the plane ride home but I know for sure that we were warmer than some people in Cuba that week.

Have a friend who just came back from Mexico as well.. he said it was actually cool in evenings.. I think weather has been a fluke this year in Jamaica. Mexico D.R. I think even if it spilled every day wud still be warmer than here LOL..

will let yu know what I think of both in [glow=red,2,300]23[/glow]days

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