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Hello all if you have any photos form Jamaica and you would like to share with us please use this thread or you can make your own thread with your photos form Jamaica. Here is first photo that our Facebook friend Lynette sent to us from Jamaica:

Seven Mile Beach, Negril and Falls photo look amazing. Real paradise! Thanks for sharing with us traveljunky !

It’s a great vacation spot, I’d totally go back one day. I know they always say that Jamaica is not a safe place to go for tourists, but we didn’t stay at an All Inclusive and walked all along the beach, to the cliffs and on the roads and never felt unsafe. The one day we hired a driver who took us to the Black River Safari, YS Falls and Floyd’s Pelican bar, which was a real fun trip. Maybe next time we’ll visit the Appleton Estate, who knows.

Here is another photo of Jamaica from our FaceBook friend:

I just noticed the pics! Spending too much time in the Cuba forum I guess. lolI’ve spent a little over three weeks in total around the Treasure Beach area and it was nice to see pics of Floyde’s Pelican Bar. I’ve made 4 trips out there, what a unique place. Treasure Beach is a great area, one of my favorite places!

I’ll see if I can dig up some pics to post.

Please if you have some post as we can see that many people checking this thread and looks like they like photos

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