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This is my first post. I’ve never been on an all inclusive holiday before and my boyfriend has been once long, long ago.We have chosen DR and are thinking we will probably go to a RIU in Puerto Plata.We have many things to consider before we end up booking, thats why i’m doing so much investigation now.One thing we do need to know is when the best time to go would be. We are thinking end of Jan and early Feb.What week is best?We DO NOT WANT there to be any School breaks going on when we go.We want a quieter time (less kids & teens).

I have heard that the last week of Jan and the first week of Feb are best. Is this right

Most breaks start mid-Feb, so the time you’d like to go would be good, even mid-Jan for better pricing as well.We went first week of Feb this year to DR and there were barely any kids, it was actually more the adults making all the noise, LOL. We did last minute and got a great deal to the RIU Bachata, which I guess is exactly where you are looking, we ended up paying $1800 for the both of us taxes in.

Any questions on the resort itself let me know

Thanks for the reply bluesunset99…So basically we have about a 3 week window…3rd and 4th week of Jan and 1st week of Feb are good times to go?We care about the crowd a lot…would rather have mid-30’s and up rather than the younger single rowdy crowds.Also price is a big thing for us. This is why we’ve chosen a Puerto Plata RIU over the Punta Cana RIU.We were thinking about the Merengue overall since its in the middle and i’ve read pretty great reviews. (also noticed from random posts that the bachata is more expensive than the others so if there is a budget to book the merengue and use the facilities at the bachata if anything – except dinner)Since you were at the Bachata would you say you would go back to that one only?

What were your thoughts on the other 2?

Yeah that was about the crowd that was there, we are 32 and 34 and our friends were older, the Dominicans do come there for weekend holidays with kids but nothing intrusive.My cousin had stayed at the Merengue for their honeymoon a few years back and loved it. As far as beach is concerned the best is in front of the Merengue. For the buffet my hubby and I found the Merengue had better food, for lunch, than ours at the Bachata. The pool at the Bachata was by far superior, however, you did have to get there early to "reserve" seating b/c everyone else from the other 2 hotels would also come over too. The late night eating was also at the Merengue, I think you’d do well if you stayed at that one like you said its in the midst of it all. As I said before the reason we were able to be at the Bachata was b/c of the great price we were able to nab at $657 plus taxes per person. We jumped at the deal.We had a great room at the Bachata.I’ll see if I can put some pics in a link for you, if you’d like to check it out???

Personally for me, if it was a good deal I’d go back to either the Bachata or Merengue, but we love the beach and for us it wasn’t all that great, too much rock and seaweed, not like at Punta Cana, but for the price we couldn’t beat it.

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