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Hi all, we’re back! I wanted to let all of you know how our reception went. You definitely won’t regret choosing the Jellyfish, we had an amazing time! We arrived two days before the wedding (late afternoon) and I called Mayte the day before the wedding and we met her at the restaurant. We brought our Rubbermaid tote of stuff (I brought from home starfish place cards, table numbers, holders, candles and pictures for a memory table, menus, cake topper and serving set, and a few other things). After we went through everything I brought, she showed us the decorations she put together. I had sent her a picture of submerged orchids and she did an incredible job. I had asked for white linens, but she thought the turquoise linen would look better and she was right. I am so glad we went with her suggestion, the restaurant looked amazing the next day. We took the bus from the lobby of the resort to the Jellyfish. She had set up our star fish place cards right at the entrance and as we arrived, each guest got one of our signature drinks. I wasn’t expecting that, we just had it so people could order it, but it was a really nice touch. All of the decorations looked great and we had a cocktail hour while everyone got settled in. We ended up having a seated dinner and between salad and main course, I played a slideshow I had created that Jim didn’t know about it. I had set it up with Mayte beforehand to have a projector set up and it turned out well. After dinner (which was delicious), we started the dance music (I used their sound system, but had my own playlist.) All of our guests had a great time and we are so glad we decided to go with the Jellyfish! I’ve put together a few pictures, the link is below. If anyone has additional questions, let me know. I know how hard it is planning, but like past brides have written, Mayte does a great job and it turns out so nice.


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