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brendab1 2011-02-06 22:26:25 UTC #1

has anyone been to the Lapis jewellry store by playa? My borhter was there in Jan and got excellent prices for blue diamond ring for his wife. Just wondering if anyone else had been there and what they thought -Bren

flyodd 2011-02-07 22:43:55 UTC #2

yes I was there in 2009 and they even provide the transportation to and from the store. They have every type of gem and a Ruby and a Diamond room as well. The sales people kind of hover around trying to make the sale but over all very nice and helpful to show you their wares. Many on our visit made purchase of silver chains and medalions, earrings, bracelets etc. but if you are looking for gemstones they have a huge selection and setting to chose from and you can do some bartering with them on purchases. You also get you a small Mayan birth month pendant not high end, it is just a little incentive to get you to the store… if you like jewellery shopping worth a visit.

jake1 2011-02-08 03:01:55 UTC #3

This must be like heaven for you Floyd & the Missus, talking about Mexico “and” shopping…does life get any gooder?

Jake, eh

flyodd 2011-02-11 00:18:54 UTC #4

yes Jake I love to shop where do you think |I go every afternoon when you are eating your ribs… there are a couple of nice jewelery stores in Playa del Carmen along 5th for easy access, and some of the resorts have a nice selection in the on resort shops but again best to shop around to get a feel for the best prices for what you are looking for and remember to dicker and they will knock off $ from the listed price…

eloisegirl 2011-02-12 00:49:32 UTC #5

I bought a bracelet that I thought looked silver – a small flat link bracelet. I paid 30 bucks. I was in a high end store where the guy told me, “that stuff is made in China, it’s plated stainless, it’s just stamped 925 but it’s not real Mexican silver.”

Now, has anyone else heard this, or was that just sour grapes from a jeweler that I had spent my money elsewhere?

cubamiga 2011-02-12 17:02:39 UTC #6


Not sure if it is sour grapes from the jeweler. I was "taken"a few years back. I bought a bracelet that clearly looked like sterling to me – it had the 925 stamp on the clasp. Within 2 weeks the finish had come off. This was the only time I have been ripped on “silver”.

ve3acl 2011-02-14 02:15:56 UTC #7

I’ve been to Lapis, I found them very pushy and over crowding sales staff to make a sale. Everything is overpriced. They wanted $780 for a bent crooked ring that looked like somone soldered together. You can find great deals on 5th ave in Playa Del carmen. They have a mall there near Senior frogs with upper class stores, I’m sure you can find something there. Lapis is far enough from Playa, it wasted half of our afternoon going there and returning empty handed.

eloisegirl 2011-07-26 13:13:06 UTC #8

Another jewelry store I like is Mineralia – I think it is near the Haagen Dazs or Burger King. Lots of great semi-precious stones, walls of pearls, amethyst, howlite, turquoise – and you can get bracelets for a few dollars, up to a couple hundred bucks for something spectacular. I bought a pearl bracelet with freshwater pearls and two long keshi pearls for 17 USD. They also sell minerals such as rose quartz obelisques, amethyst geodes, etc.

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