Juan and the Dominican Vitamins – Explore the Caribbean with Debbie

Destination:  Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

The last few days I have really splurged on too many oysters, glasses of wine and a definite overdose of pizza. Since there is nothing more unpredictable than a (Caribbean) woman, I decide on a radical change in diet. Yes, it is time to go to the local market to buy a bag of fruits in order to put my vitamin level as well as my fat bottom back to normal proportions.

The market is located in the town center near the Puerto Plata cemetery and I am not that close. I walk to the side of the road and stick out my hand to flag down a “Moto Concho” and before I know it, I am sitting on the backseat of a moped, holding on to dear life and a big shopping bag.

Upon arrival and while I give my -as it turned out to be- fearless Moto Concho hero his pesos, I notice some great fresh pieces of read meat hanging at the stall of the Super Carniceria. “No Debbie! today is fruit day!”, I hear a voice in my mind shouting at me. “It is true”, I reply, “I am here for the fruits!” I let myself disappear in a diverse crowd made up by gossiping housewives, some wearing a full set of hair curlers under a fine plastic net, hardworking men, unloading banana’s from their pickup trucks, children who are chasing each other without regard for any one who might carry a tray of eggs and other colorful folk. I feel energetic and sense a lot of happiness. Upon seeing Juan, my favorite veggie vender, I enthusiastically start to wave and almost swipe a basket with groceries of the head of a passing woman. Oops…, I can be so clumsy! Juan seems to have brought the best version of him self this morning, a bit grouchy but as always possessed with an unsurpassed passion for his work and merchandise. He sells whatever is affordable a particular day, nothing fancy but lots of fruits, yucca, lettuce etc. No mango’s yet because they are not in season. With a bag full of bananas, oranges and limes I pass by the souvenir section that pertains to the market. “Tomorrow I really start my diet, I decide” while taking a bite of a hot dog I just bought from Riky who has such a nice and happily painted yellow hotdog cart with a cute little red parasol.

Mercado Modelo

Telephone : 809-586-2977 Address: Separacion # 21 Puerto Plata

Google map Puerto Plata

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