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We’re back from spending two weeks at the RD in El Salvador. We didn’t take any tours other than the Cultural and Craft one, so I can’t really help you with that department. Great resort.

We are leaving in 5 days. I am interested in the crafts and culture tour. Would like to hear a bit about where you visited and the items available to purchase as souvenirs.

Also just returned from another two weeker at this great resort. Nothing really substantial to add from last year. The beer served at the bars is now Pilsener on tap instead of Brahva from the bottle. Pilsener is a light, refreshing brew-certainly drinkable.We did a coffee tour through a company called Cuscatlan Tours. It was excellent! We went through the entire process right from picking the coffee berries along side picking crews through to seeing the end product being readied for shipping. Our tour guide, Julio, was excellent, very knowledgable about his country and even holds a Masters degree in English! I highly recommend this company as an alternative to booking through the resort itself. They offer many other tours as well and also have French speaking guides available.We took the opportunity to ask Julio about "fair-trade" labelled coffee as we have seen it stores here, but didn’t know if there was any real benefit to it, or if it was just a marketing ploy. As it turns out, Julio said it does make a big difference! The pickers on "fair trade" designated plantations make between 50%-100% more money than those at regular plantations. The workers at the plantation we visited make $1 per 25 lbs of coffee picked. An expert picker can pick about 200 lbs in a day (ie an expert picker would make only about $8/day at a non-fair trade plantations) and this work is only seasonal as well. So we will definitely be purchasing "fair-trade" coffee in the future, and strongly encourage others to consider this as well.

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