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I just came back from a great week long vacation in Turks & Caicos (Provo, to be exact). We stayed at the Coral Gardens, which is a wonderful resort. We participated in a number of excursions and events, and had a great time! The waters are amazingly clear, warm and so rejuvenating!

I’ve posted some photos at www.shuweb.com. I’ve also placed my honest opinions and experiences of the vacation on the site, so if you want another perspective of the island, please check my site out.

My wife and I never repeat our vacation. So, the next question is, after Turks & Caicos, what islands will top that experience? If you’ve experienced your dream vacation in a tropical island, please let me know.


My favourite island of many that I’ve been to is St. Lucia. We stayed at what was then called The Halcyon Beach Club, and I think it’s now a Sandals Halcyon Beach. The island, at that end, is green, mountainous, has volcanoes and sulphur springs, beautiful beaches and great snorkelling. The locals were wonderful, and I don’t know where you’re from, but they love Canadians (Canada helped them build the airport many years ago). (The southern end of the island is kind of flat and dry, not nearly as nice).My next favourite is Negril in Jamaica: we stayed at Sunset at the Palms for my daughter’s wedding 2 yrs ago and it was a beautiful little hotel, very unique. I’d like to try Couples Negril, from what I’ve read.

Hope this helps. I’m always looking for places with lots of shade on the beach and calm water, so if you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear them. From what I’ve seen, T & C has virtually no shade, otherwise I’d love to go there.

Thanks Shuweb for a great review!!

Totally enjoyed reading and watching the dolphin clip

As we are heading to T&C for our first time in January…very much looking forward to it!!Hubby needs real R&R and this certainly seems to fit the bill + we are visiting friends who now live there.I will also post a review once back, even though we are not staying in a resort…simply renting a apartment from our friends on their property in Leeward Estates.

Cheers. gadgetgirl

So, Gadgetgirl, how was T&C? Please let us know!As for myself, my wife and I have just returned from another vacation. Maybe it’s not most appropriate to post here, since it is not a Caribbean island, but hey, variety is important, and you can’t neglect the other paradises of the world!

We went to Tahiti. Please check it out at www.shuweb.com.

If I had to compare between T&C and Tahiti, it’s a tough call. The waters at T&C were amazing, and I will never forget it. But you know, the Tahitian waters are intoxicating….. and it sort of helps that they speak a different language, so you really feel like you’re somewhere else.

That said, there are so many more places to go!


sorry it took sooo long to reply, as you can tell….I’m not spending much time on Debbie’s anymore, besides the summer is too busy starting to check out /read again now…with the upcoming vacation time approaching, but mostly on T&C forum on trip advisor. Since no one writes here on Debbie’s about T&C….unfortunetely.

But to answer your question…..we LOVED it in T&C….in fact we are returning for a 3 weeks vacation this year. As I mentioned before our friends now live there, so renting a small apartment from them is wonderful!!It’s like being having your own space, actually it is ~!~We have a private back yard, their pool (olympic size), 5 mins. walk to the beach which is totally peaceful and quiet, and way beyond the resorts towards Leeward Estates.

So can’t get closer to paradise than this Very relaxing. We get the use of their vehicle also to go buy food or to go out at night.

The food was great, we ate at different restaurants except for 3 meals. Hubby who is very fussy, loved it…he didn’t think Maui could be replaced!So, while our friends live there, we figure we’ll go yet, they are thinking of perhaps, selling and moving on to another island…so it will be a new place to go explore, but in the meantime, we figured we’ll stick it out. That is we’ll see how we find it this year, returning???We do want to check out Costa Rico also some day.Loved your pictures of Tahiti!! beautiful……and checked out a couple more and will look at more of them later…….GREAT web site!!Cheers…gadgetgirl

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