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Had a great time and loved the resort – much better than the Grand Papagayo. I could give about a million reasons why. Went on more great excursions with Vargas, although the leatherback turtles did not cooperate by coming out of the ocean. Checked out Llano de Cortes waterfall this time. Definitely worth going especially since it’s not that far from the resorts. Had a fantastic vacation and got a great tan (for me anyway) and am now sitting back at my desk at work wondering how I ended up back here when I was sitting on a beach just a few short days ago.L
gtown Guest

Heading there myself on the 22nd. of Feb. What can you tell me about Punta Arenas nightlife ????

gtown…there are 2 different Fiesta resorts in CR….. the Fiesta Premier.. (that lola went to) is in Guanacaste provance and the other ( just called the Fiesta) is in Puntarenas province.
gtown Guest Ahh, ok, thanks for the clification Rumrunner. I had a feeling there was more than one Fiesta, i’m heading to the one in Puntarenas, and by the sounds of it, that’s a city of over 300,000 so there should be lots of stuff to get in to trouble with after the sun sets !!


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