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Had really planned on going to Punta Cana, but a great deal came up yesterday for the Breezes Curacao, so we booked it – Anyone been there recently?
Will miss Punta Cana, but you always need to try different places

I was looking at some great deals to this resort / destination not that long ago but we heard Cuba calling our names! So, Cuba it will be in April but I hope you have a great time and come back and tell us all about Breezes Curacao!

Thanks-Been watching Curacao for a couple of years now, but could never get the good deal. And also, I have been spoiled by my trips to Punta Cana. One day the price on the Breezes dropped to $797.00 plus $222.00 for taxes. $1,019 per person. Booked it immediately. Next day it was back in the $1200 range.
Will post a review sometime in Feb.

A co-worker of mine has recently returned from this resort and she said she had a blast. She said the food was actually quite good and the resort was nice.She did a few dives while she was there and met quite a few other tourists that loved the resort as well and were return guests there.Wossa and I will be keeping this resort on our list of places to travel to. Apparently you can go around the island and do shore dives at many different spots if you do not want to commit yourself to a dive boat and a schedule.Have an awesome vacation and I hope you post a review on your return and let us know what you thought about this resort.Freedom Ryder 8-)……………….
The reviews aren’t all that great but I hope you have a good time! Please come back and tell us how you liked it. Still have my eye on this destination.

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