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Hope you’ll write a review when you get back. There isn’t much info on this resort and I’d sure be interested to hear your thoughts.

Have a great trip!

Three of us are booked at Breezes March 16 to 30 as well Looking forward to Scuba at this resort.Looks like a good resort with plenty to do there as well as around the Island.

Posted by Lloyd

The diving is fantastic!!!The operation at Breezes is Ocean Encounters and their main operation is located along the beach at Lions Dive. They are a great bunch of guys and the dive sites are amazing.Best diving I’ve done yet.


Thanks Flopnfly. Any dive sites stand out as must do?How was the shore diving at the resort?We are sure looking forward to this trip
Superior Producer, The Mushroom Forest and the Car Pile are must do’s. Shore diving is good if the Jet Ski’s stay away, but I’ve seen them circling the dive markers just for fun so be careful.Here is the website for Ocean Encounters.


Thanks Flopnfly. We are going to dive the Mushroom Forest and the Car Pile for sure . the Superior Producer is a little deep for my Daughter but I will try to Get there.My apologies Kelley for Hijacking your thread with dive stuff. We are flying Suquest/sardine service are you onthat flight as well?We will be there two weeks , How about you?How did you make out with the email addy?Will see you at the resort or in the airport. sure looks like a fun place to go. Lloyd
Hi lloyd & Deb, we are on Sunquest leaving Mar 16 at 7:00 am from Pearson :D…………can’t wait, with another storm or two brewing the time will not come fast enough……

Sunny and 86 now in Curacao……

The Sunquest Deal of the Day is for Breezes Curacao.Out of Toronto on March 23rd $797 plus taxes.

I’m so tempted to book it, but I wouldn’t be able to dive, my foot is still in a cast.

Hi flopnfly
With a fiberglass cast and a larger boot for the Fin, you can dive. Not sure what the doc would say about that though. Any break more than 3 weeks old would be healed enough for light duty swimming. Just a thought, hate to see you miss out on a good deal!

Hi Kelley We are on the same flight. we get to Toronto next Wed and are spending a few days at Niagra Falls before on to Curacao. Looks like your weather in Ont. isn’t going to be so great for the next week but sure will be nice down south.


If you plan on doing boat dives, I hope you have already booked them. When we were there last fall, they were full and a lot of people could not get on the boat. We had booked well in advance so were okay. The Mushroom Forest Dive is usually only once a week and must be booked in advance. They take you there by bus. The trip usually fills up early. The Superior Producer can only be done on the days there are no cruise ships in town – and there are usually cruise ships every day. However, why would you want to see a wreck when there are such beautiful reefs? The car pile is a shore dive from the resort. Don’t pay to do a boat dive on it – and it is just a bunch of wrecked cars and they are mostly quite deep. However, the shore dives are great and you get one free one each day. I would recommend that the first one be done with a guide so you can get the lay of the land, so to speak. It is a great place. The resort food is very good and the weather is great.

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