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Personally I enjoy Scuba Diving and Drinking and having a good cigar (not at the same time ;D) while on holidays.

While my spouse is suntanning on the beach (I always try to stay in the shade under a Palapa or a tree, reading and drinking and people watch ). I don’t like sunburns!

There is one more thing I have been doing for the last five year. I enjoy fishing with my Fenwick collapsible fishing rod & Reel on all of my trips to Cuba (or any other "down-south" trip). Anyone else enjoy fishing while on holidays? I have a blast catching all kinds of reef fish. I stand in the water about waste high and cast away; it’s amazing how much action I get. I catch and release unless of course some of the locals ask me to keep them for their families. They usually stand on shore waiting for me to give them a dozen fish or so and they are very appreciative of this. Many of the tourist come over and want to see the fish I catch up close.Anyone else want to share their fishing stories or how they keep busy while on holidays?

I’ve had plenty of action while on vacation! So far I’ve never had a problem with a collapsing rod. Oh, wait, what was the question? You were asking about getting busy right?

My wife also likes to lay on a lounge in the sun on the beach while reading a book. I’ll lay on the lounge for a little bit but I like to walk the beach. I’ll walk for hours. I like to explore too.

Wahoo, a comedian in our ranks ;DWhile DH shoots the b*ll with the buds, us Superwomen go for power walks once or twice a day up the beach. DH is not much of a walker (although he does practice several sports and is a soccer vet, his ankles just won’t let him stray too far from his… er, um, mug) lolNope. I find it hard to sit and "bake". I’d rather SHAKE ;DSo I’ll be at the morning aquagym, and the 11-ish salsa lessons and 4pm volley matches on the beach. Gotta keep workin’ on my 4-pack (yeah, right)Then of course you have my attempts to converse with the locals (I think the Cubans call it "sporto extremo", in my case) ;D
My expanding rod is.. A Delta, good brand. Never lets us down..I love to fish; fished all my life.

If there was anything that would drag me away from Cayo Largo it would be the "No Fishing" signs. I’ll price the Avalon charters this year but might not come back without a small area, light tackle place where we can catch and release on Cayo Largo. Hint Hint..

Take a bike and explore the area. I leave the bike behind with someone when I go home. Never had a problem and there’s so much to see.

Walking for sure…….I usually go miles. I will take a bike and explore if they are available. I spend a lot of time snorkelling if weather permits. Ditto sailing. And I love taking pictures, so I can spend a lot of time stalking everything from fish to birds to insects, looking for that perfect shot. One thing I do not do is "park". Unless the conversation is scintillating, I seldom stay put for more than 15 – 20 minutes…..
We love the 3.5 mile walk to the beach bar.We sometimes take a ride back but mostly we walk back.

( 15 or 20 CUCs lighter )

I love to just veg in the sun for hours on end. Da hubby not so much, he is usually fishing or under the shade of the palapa.I walk for hours as well. Nothing can beat the beach walk, so soothing.For me having 2 days of travel only leaves me 5 to do nothing and I take full advantage of that!

I do people watch and snorkel but for the most part I relax.

Keeping busy while on holiday We do nothing ! That’s what vacation in Cuba in February is about for us. Walk a lot and lay around – that’s about it. That’s why we come here. Just to get away from the busyness of home. Of course we are always interested in the culture and history but mostly just to "catch our breath" and rest the mind !
We use our one week vacation to relax and unwind. No phone, no computer, no cooking, dishes, cleaning, snow shovelling, etc.Love to wander around taking photos or sit under a tree reading a book. Also nice to be able to have a few drinks before dinner, wine with dinner and a few drinks at the bar afterwards and not worry about a designated driver.
Two weeks, annually, of R&R at our fave resort in Cuba. This is hubby’s main vacation break of the year (rest of the time it’s sporadic long weekends) so he really needs the down time. When conditions are good, we are in snorkeling and mastering shooting video out on the reef. To burn off some of the calories from daily food and bevvy intake ( ::)), early each morning I do a brisk walk (before the heat kicks in) along the farm road to the main highway and back. Upon my return, feeling totally righteous , I fall on the breakfast buffet ;D ;D. We do an overnight trip to Havana and try to get in 1 day trip, as well. We, also, spend a day with our friends at their home. One thing we always do and that’s nothing but veg for the first 3 days. Definitely never get bored on our vacation
I like to spend the first day introducing my butt to the sand and making my elbow lift 8 oz weights…. And then I alternate with a "useful" day where I am doing a tour or donating or taking photos. I schedule in Day Three Syndrome when the gastrointestinal tract says hello, and then I wait for early Day Five when it becomes The Night of Magical Powers. That is the night when I am rested and can drink anything I want, and the only thing that happens is that I become much more charming and my voice is that of an angel, so I go around looking for people to join me in singing Bohemian Rhapsody.

My final task of the vacation is to buy rum, and then keep a few pesos for the next trip!

Doing nothing for the entire time is my definition of "being busy" in Cuba!

OK, so I spend the vast majority of time with my nose shoved into the e-reader, but also like to go for walks on the beach and visit my local Cuban friends and family.

My first day is spent exploring the resort, going for a swim in the ocean (I don’t do pools!), having a few Cuba Libres and checking out the scooter rentals…

Highlight of my day is when the music starts and we can dance…anytime, anywhere! And I love talking to the staff, probably butchering the lingo most of the time but it’s way fun. The best day is if we can visit friends off the resort, though. My husband can pass as Cuban and he desperately wants to play billiards in a local pool hall.

Floating on my water tube in the warm ocean, with the sun beating down on me, and with a cerveza in my hand is my way of keeping busy.

We have a nice routine that involves at least getting our toes wet on the first day no matter how late we arrive. Our goal is to scuba dive just about every morning, which means getting up around 7am, eating a "healthy" breakfast, doing one or two dives, and usually just barely making lunch. This is followed by some floating around the pool in our noodle chairs with bubba mugs filled with something delicious. I like to spend some of the afternoon under a palapa with my ereader. 5pm finds me searching for a cappucino to take to the room while I begin my pre-dinner ablutions. We eat dinner relatively early because we need to hit the hay at a reasonable hour to be capable of diving the next morning. The evening might include playing cards or visiting with friends/family as we rarely go to Cuba alone anymore. We usually set aside one day for going into town to sightsee, listen to music and hunt for decent rum. The highlight of many of our trips has been the jaunt to the local clinic with our NJT suitcases. Mostly, I just love the routine of spending as much time as possible in the water; I fall asleep feeling like I’m floating and come home seriously rested!

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