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We chartered La Barcaza for our wedding reception on April 27 2011, and what a great time we had! We would definitly recommend La Barcaza. We left Jellyfish beach at 6pm, the first 1.5hrs consisted of drinks on the top level where they have white leather couches, then a stop at a sandbar behind an island where some of our guests swam. Dinner was served at 7:30pm, we had the Grill menu ($60/person, 20 person min.), which was very good, not too much food like at our resort but a regular sized meal. The drinks were alright, not as strong as at our resort (which is a good thing) but still not as strong as I like, though they would make them to suit. After dinner the staff moved the tables and chairs out of the way and we danced to the music we supplied on our iPod. They set up a cieling mounted disco light for more ambiance, everyone had a blast dancing (even those who don’t usually dance), the host Jorge was very friendly and entertaining.

At 10pm we arrived back at the beach then took the bus back to our resort. We had so much fun, the only thing we would have changed would be to keep the boat longer. The standard is 3hrs, we paid an extra $300 to extend that to 4hrs.

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