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We usually try to get away at Easter and thought we would see what is different offered directly from Calgary (we have gone via Toronto but it does take up two extra days and as we will be away in February as well I’d rather go direct). La Ceiba is offered via Conquest – how is the diving from there? I notice most of the accolades for diving Honduras are about Roatan. I am not a diver but my husband is and I thought I’d check it out before starting the campaign 😉 Thanks for any insight you can provide

The reviews about the accommodations in La Ceiba seem to be mixed. Some love it and others do not.I am having a hard time finding any reviews about the diving. It seems that tourists head to Roatan to do the diving.Perhaps You may want to call your local dive shop or travel agency and ask them if they have any information on the diving in La Ceiba.

Good luck, let us know how You make out.

Freedom Ryder 8-)……………………..

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