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WE are just starting to look at Honduras and see there are 2 areas.. which one do you recommend? we don’t scuba dive at all, so that doesn’t matter to us. Mostly just want to relax and take it easy..There isn’t alot of information I have been able to find about this area so any would be appreciated.

wossa Guest Hi lovethesummerI think you would have an awesome time if you decided to go to Roatan, even if you have no intention of diving and just wanted some R&R and to chill out.The town is great for shopping, and there is lots of excursions that are available should you wish to get out and about and explore.We stayed at the Henry Morgan and loved our stay, it’s an awesome resort that’s really rustic and comfortable. The beach is great and the sea is warm and clear. We are heading back there again for 2 weeks this time around March and cant wait.

Wossa…… ;D

Good info Wossa, thanks. Do you know much about what La Cieba offers and how it might differ from Roatan?

wossa Guest Hey Bubbletoes

I really haven’t got a clue to be honest in how the two resorts both differ….

A couple of members of Debbies split the two locations on one vacation last year, so maybe they can jump in and advise.

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Thanks, There isn’t much info on either area, but I have noticed there is quite a price difference between the 2 and wonder why.Of the 4 trips we took last year, 2 to Cuba, 1 to DR and 1 to El Salvador, I enjoyed the later the most and it is what has interested me in Honduras.

I will keep reading and hope for more info to be posted

wossa Guest Hey lovethesummerLet me know if you after any precise info on Roatan and I am sure either myself or Freedom would be able to help you in some way….Since visiting Roatan I am also interested in El Salvador, Guatemala, Costa Rica etc as well but also find information hard to come by. I love the Central American regions, and is definitely a place I would like to explore further.

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