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The first thing I loved was the fact that Punta Cana is a beautiful place to go vacationing, I came here with my family and it was a holiday of a lifetime for us because my kids loved every bit of our stay so they said we should come back here again next year for our next holiday. Once I and my family got to the place, they served us nice beverages to cool us down and that was where the fun started. When we got to the lounge, I and my family were given a nice cool towel to calm ourselves down and then we were escorted to our rooms and when we got there, everything was well within standard. Housekeeping service really did a great job of keeping the place clean so it was always spotless. The rooms are clean and spacious and we could see the ocean from our rooms but it looked like it had a tropical view. The barefoot grill was one of our favorite and my kids usually wanted us to go there and then go to the beach to eat. The restaurant wasn’t far from the pool and the breakfast was so nice. If there is something else I loved about the place it was the staff who did all they could to satisfy the customers. We loved the Italian restaurant more, my kids loved how the staff served there, it was all nice for them.

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