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Finca Santa Ana, Trinidad, Sancti Spíritus, Cuba
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"renovations needed"
Posted by: castor on Jul 3, 2014
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NOTRE SEJOUR EN GROUPE DANS CET HOTEL N’A PAS ETE FAMEUX, LA MOITIE DES CHAMBRES A PRIS L’EAU (2 à 3 cm dans chaque chambre) sommes partis pendant les pluies tropicales mais cela n’excuse pas les fuites. pas d’eau courante dans les chambres, ravitaillement de la citerne par camion quand ils peuvent venir…. restaurant correct accueil mitigé, ne prennent pas les problèmes en compte

à éviter pendant les pluies …..

Room Number:

23 mai

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Falta de limpieza ya que una noche, al ir al baño, tuvimos que matar a un buen escorpión que estaba junto a una de las camas. Mucho ruido porque la habitación contigua estaba habitada por empleados del hotel que gritaban al hablar y tenían la TV a un volumen muy alto.

El agua de la piscina no está suficientemente clorada, por tanto no te bañas.

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This hotel deserves a renovation because even though it had beautiful views from it, the hotel rooms and property looks really worn out and some damages to the property I saw such as broken windows needs to be attended to. The hotel is quirky and needs improvement because inside the rooms were quite dusty and dirty. They should make their cleaning staff do more of cleaning than designing it would be appreciated even more. The air condition didn’t work well, the bathroom was somewhat dark and smelled funny and there was problem with flush the toilet properly. All these grossed me out and I left after the 2nd day of staying at this hotel. The person in charge of the cave was barely available so I didn’t get the chance to see it before leaving but that’s okay because the most important thing about the hotel which was cleanliness and a nice play to lay my head was not in other. This chalet type of accommodation that was spread out a hill had nice views no doubts but that is not enough to make people stay. The food here was reasonable and okay, it was basic but I had to eat it. The only thing I enjoyed in my 2 days experience at this hotel was chilling on the terrace and watching the sunset while having a drink. The rooms are spacious but not clean, they have nice staff members who try their best to please you and that somehow compensated for their other shortcomings.

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Nice hotel, with nice pool änd beautiful vieuw. Good food. Showen too loud musik. Nice room near the pool and own terrace.

You need en taxi to come there vid luggage, big clime

Room Block:

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