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I just finished going through my arsenal of meds and first aid supplies that I take to Cuba and found a number had expired and had to be discarded. These are all basic things like Immodium, Gravol, Benadryl, etc. On my upcoming trip I would like to leave the whole supply plus children’s vitamins, etc behind in Cuba but am concerned that the English instructions will be misinterpreted. I know many resort workers can speak English but that does not necessarily mean they can read and write it. I liked the idea of purchasing these items on a cross border shopping trip but that is not possible for this trip. I was wondering how others handle this situation.
Hi Milli, I’ve been surprised leaving meds with friends as they always check the expiry date and usually take them to a local doctor to check that the med will be safe to use if they aren’t familiar with the name. Maybe it depends on who you will be leaving the meds with though.
photopilot Guest Here’s a great website that I use to help my Cuban friends with medicines that I send down.


It’s called MedlinePlus and is a service of the U.S. National Library of Medicine and the National Institues of Health.This link is to the Drugs & Supplements pages. The pages are available in both English and Spanish (tab in top right corner). So you look up the drug in the English pages, hit the language button, and voila, you have the same drug info in Spanish.Then I just print out the Spanish info page and take it to give with the meds in Cuba.There’s also a great Encyclopedia section that gives you the ability to get health related info in Spanish.Just explore the website. There’s lots there.Steve

Thanks Steve – great suggestion!! I’ll pop that into my favourites for my next trip…..

Thanks for that link Steve. That puts my mind at rest (as much as possible ) that these meds will not end up harming someone.

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