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I have bought two bottles of Ron Mulata Elixir de Ron. I had never seen it before but at the Frank Pais Airport in HOG, it is along the far wall next to the cigarettes, with all of the other liqueurs. I would not have bought it except for the words “Elixir de Ron” because those are the same descriptors for Legendario. I am obsessed with this delicious liquid and cannot find it in Holguin, so I am hoping this will compare.

Has anyone purchased this and tried it?

I also brought back Cubay Curacao Azul and the Grenadine (2.80 and 3.10), as well as two 7 Yr Havana Clubs. (Those were repeater gift bottles).

I think I may now have a complete replica of a Cuban bar in my home!

On my trip to Cayo Coco, I brought back a bottle of Cubita coffee liqueur (3.15) which came in a box. Did not see it in HOG this time.

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