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Does anyone know of a cheap place to order it from? I’ve found it on several websites but the shipping is outrageous. We’re down to our last bottle and not going to CR this year as we’re having a baby in April (excited about the baby but having just had a couple of really cold -30C spells, I have to admit that going to CR seemed like a better idea). We’re also down to our last half a bottle of Flor de Cana but that we can buy here, for 4 times the price mind.L

Hey Congrats you guys… but on the salsa sorry no idea.

Thanks for the congrats Rick and thanks for the website Barracuba. Unfortunately it’s not any better. The salsa itself is $7 but with shipping it comes to $42. That’s an expensive bottle of sauce!

But if you order multiple bottles shipping stays the same… at least up to 6 bottles…gifts maybe….

You would be better to ask someone visiting to bring back a few bottles for you and drop them in the mail once back in Canada. Tons of Canadians here this year!

Amazon has the big Lizano Salsa bottle for $18.99 with shipping if you spend more then $25. Costa Rican Store ( has Lizano Salsa shipped to you for $25. You can order three little Lizano bottles for the same price. It arrives in 3 to 5 days. I hope that helps.

Sorry, I know I’m replying to this thread wayyyy to late,but my wife and I are planning our trip to Tambor in a few monthsand I started reading the forum. She is from Costa Rica and we couldn’t live without our Lizano Salsa. If you live near Toronto you can buy it around the Kensington Market area (spadina and college). There are plenty of latin american markets there and we buy everything there including our Lizano Salsa – for around $7 for a large bottle. Well worth the trip for that and everything else!I hope you found some!


We never did find any here in Winnipeg but we just booked a last minute sell-off to CR so I guess we’ll be stocking up on the salsa and the rum. We had better bring an extra suitcase!

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