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I treid to buy her a beer but she wasn’t falling for that. By the way, there was no beer shortage despite my best efforts to create one.

Great lizard pics. You must have a lot of patience to get some of those shots.
Love Cuban music but don’t at all like reggaeton. Too old I guess.

Those are wonderful pics sssnakes!. Those little guys are not that easy to photograph!

We stayed at SRLM several years ago, just down from the PRO and I was amazed by the number and variety of lizard there. More than other places I’ve been.

Great shots, and you didn’t even need to get wet! (did you do any snorkelling?) No, I didn’t snorkel one little bit, even brought all my equipment.  I’m much more into the bird and lizard watching these days. I go through phases, I guess. Hence why I’m going to Cayo Guillermo next to bird watch.As for photographing lizards, it’s easier then birds. What i find interesting is how many different species there seem to be out there. I have a book on Cuban amphibians and lizards. But it’s not that great as a field guide. Maybe one day they will make one as good as the bird field guides they have for Cuba now.

If I could only start finding snakes there as easily as I can at home.

Awesome shots sssnakes… you have them put in picture books or store on your computer? Your pictures are always fascinating and fantastic.

Hi selectivedi57:All the photos that I post here are from my photobucket account. Unfortunately, I can’t store that much in there or else I will have to start paying. That ain’t gonna happen. I’m too much of a cheapskate.


That was hurricane Ike in Santa Maria del Mar. That was just the start of the storm. During the day, I was in Havana watching the preparations for the storm and it was sunny and hot.

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