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I have uses ezetop to load some $ onto friends cell phones. and right now there is a discount (2X). But I read a while ago that there were other companies that did the same and maybe even with better rates or deals.can any of you supply some help here?

Thanks – with our low Cdn $ I am looking for any ‘best rates’ I can get ….that are reliable

Hossafus: Have you used this one? I can’t remember hearing about it and it’s seldom we see a triple top-up.

Thanks, Ding is what I use to. But I think I’m going to give this one a shot. Triple charge up is hard to pass will make a wonderful surprise gift. Thanks for posting this.

Update: I tried to send the charge up, and my reply was CW incorrect (CW is the security code on the back of your credit card.) Waiting for a reply from fonoma for further info.

I successfully did a triple top up on the site last night. There are only 79 triple top ups left now out of 1500 originally.

Thanks Ken. I am not on Twitter or Facebook. So I phoned them but haven’t heard back. Don’t want to do another order in case the first one did succeed. Will let you know what I hear from them.

UPDATE: It went through! Mauricio contacted me and all is well. Thanks OP for posting this. I just made someone very happy. And thanks also to Bellagio for posting that his did work; it encouraged me to plod on.

I’m not on Twitter or Facebook either, However as soon as the transaction went through I received an email from them confirming it. I then went to check my credit card balance online and I could see the amount showing as a pending transaction.

Pleased that your transaction went through. Did you not get an email though? Only 48 triple recharges left now.

Cuba llama or recarga a Cuba are 2 others that I used and both companies would have special double your money!

I was the last 3x’s for Fonoma for one of the 4 loads I was trying to do . Quite frustrating and no one in their Customer service would pick-up

Ya like the same offer from another company LAST recharge ! One is good though and I got an email from the recipient saying thx but no confirmation from the recharge company !!!

I must have been lucky then as my email receipt was sent within a minute of the transaction going through.

I still have no response from them , but got an email from recipient to confirm they got it in Cuba

I used Fonoma for the 1st time last night. bit of confusion – have am email confirming but nothing showing on CC – ezetop it was a charge within minutes

I used Fonoma for the 1st time last night. bit of confusion – have am email confirming but nothing showing on CC – ezetop it was a charge within minutes

Let’s hope someone else comes up with a triple recharge next time the bonus is on offer. Cubans must have a lot of friends as those 1500 triple recharges were soon snapped up and that was only one of the websites offering a bonus. It makes you wonder how many cell phones will be recharged over this period ending tomorrow..

Bellagio: I ended up with 3 emails from them apologizing for the screw up. I’ve never had such great customer service. One phone call, and 3 emails in the space of 10 minutes from fonoma. I am impressed. Will try them again even if it’s "only" double.

Thanks everyone for the information…..it took a matter of minutes and our friend to text to say he received the recharge!!!!! I also earned $20 CUC free to add to my next purchase…..you can only get the triple once per email account so if you have another email account you can get the triple again. It is good for the next 16 hours.

They extended it to 2500 Triple recharges. As at now there is 263 triple recharges still available. sund0g:

That certainly is good customer service. Hopefully they will do a triple next time. There is usually one in late July.

I was going to use it again under another email I have. It tells me it is ‘double’ charge up. Are you sure that it is the same offer?

sorry, you need to use a different computer too as you need a different IP address

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