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Hello! We are looking into going to Barbados Jan. 2008. There may be 10-12 adults 30-45 yrs age. We are looking for a great all inclusive. Bummed that there is no RIU there! We would go for some excursions, but mostly would like to unwind on the beach.Where is the best beach and AI – anyone know?Thanks
hi there, been there 3 time and if i wee you dont take all incl. because you will miss all the restaurant and bar arond there !!! a lot to see!!we always take with breakfast that’it and the room always have a stove and fridge so if you want to make super in the room (romantic) it’s good, and you go out drive or take the bus you’re choice, to go to other beach, restaurant, bar it’s fun that way all incl. is $$$$ in barbados, and you’re stuck in the hotel, so if i were you ( and me) ;D

that’s the only way to go there, ……. was ther this year in january 2 weeks 1 to the 14 2006, to rockley beach it was very hot and sunny put some cream a lot of it, i got burn ;D ,

so want more info. dont be shy by by Manon from Montreal

ho and you can go to canadian travel.com, that’s where i found ALL my special, in january, 2 weeks for 1349.00$ not bad :P, with air canada non stop….. ok now i’m finish

Thanks for all the good info. We may end up taking the Breakfast only option, and seeing what’s out there! We’ve been checking the last minute sights as well. Pretty good deals on there!

FWIW: I was looking for AI in Barbados for the middle of January 07. Typically all inclusives are pretty dear in Barbados. If you book one, you may choose to miss out on the many great restaurants and pubs since you’ve already paid up front for meals and drinks. That being said, I saw the three star Sandy Bay for the week I was considering at a very reasonable price.


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