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This is my first post and thought this kind of question would be best posted in the general forum…but looking for recommendations from you all for a quick island getaway for me and my wife (her birthday is in October) we are in our 30’s. I have looked and looked and just seem to be not inspired with my results. We have been to Cancun, Turks, and Jamaica – but want to find something different.After I look at all my "must haves", I am not sure a destination like this exists – but Some things that I prefer:1) Dates are Oct 16-19th. Flight from Atlanta and prefer direct, but ok to stop once (i.e. Miami), etc.2) Budget is around $2k (for air and hotel)3) Looking for short flights in general – i.e. 3 hours or less to maxmimze our time.4) Looking for secluded place to stay on beach or at beach.5) Does not need to be all-inclusive, etc – just secluded, etc.Because we are located in Atlanta, I started to look at closer destinations like Caymans (Grand and Brac), Bahamas, and Aruba….but just not finding anything.

Looking for recommendations from the forum

Thanks in advance.

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