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Our family was just blown away by the great food at Los Charros. The flavors show an elegance that describing it as ‘Mexican Food’ … with all that means to Americans, is a great disservice. The flavors are a combination of Western Mexico and the American Southwest, plus the elegance of Mexico City. The delicate use of spices, the attention given to selection of ingredients, and the amazing recipes show the kind of care that I wish we could transport to the US. Our group ate here twice in December, 2010, and covered a lot of the menu. The open-faced tacos have a wide variety of toppings that are just amazing. The burrito is a terrific concoction of slow-cooked shredded beef with deft use of herbs and spices .. nothing like any burrito most of us have eaten. The fish fajitos (and, yes, there were other types as well), were especially wonderful — fresh fish, expertly prepared. Oh, and the sauces .. many styles, different levels of spice .. all just wonderful. The kicker for us was a special one night of chicken with mole sauce … a very complicated recipe that is not seen often. The expression ‘like water for chocolate’ comes to mind … how utterly wonderful. So .. great food, wonderful setting, good prices. Highly recommended.

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