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I have put some pictures on line from my recent trip to Los Corales

I will be writing a review. Going to Los Corales was a last minute decision when we found out……the day before departure……that our intended hotel, Farallon, had been closed for the season and that we would be relocated to Marea. We were not happy with this change, so I put my TA on the case and she got back to us quickly with options in our price range leaving the same day. Los Corales was our choice, which changed us from an afternoon flight to an early morning one. Fortunately we had all opted to overnight close to Pearson, so there was no last minute scramble. We enjoyed our trip and I am so glad I had my travel agent to sort out the change for us.

I am glad that your agent sorted out things for you. At least you escaped cold weather and snow

Great pics! Still working on ours from our Jan trip there. There was so much this time.

nice pictures…… as always it looks like you had lots of fun in the water….

Great pictures. Did you get a chance to go into Santiago? I took the snorkelling/fishing boat tour and it was a fantastic day. I was there the year after the big hurricane. My only complaint was the food . Even by Cuban standards I thought the food was sub par. I would definitely go back but my wife has ruled this resort out. I look forward to reading your review.

Thanks for reminding me about the review. I’ve had a lot going on the last few days and need to get around to writing it. Yes, we did go into Santiago, but did a private tour involving an open jeep and a whimsical itinerary which included lunch at a very good Paladar.

We were O.K. with the food at Corales, but only because we ate at the a la carte every night. We kept asking, and they kept saying "sure", so why not? I had some excellent fish there a couple of nights.

Awesome! I always promise to post my snorkelling pictures. I hope to take many pictures next week at Sol Rio Luna.

Someone just pointed out an error in my review. Meant to say we took a one day trip into Santiago, not Havana! Admin, please correct for me if you can!

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