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When you are visiting Punta Cana in DR, please let me the opportunity to suggest or recommend this beautiful hotel, I went here and had the most amazing holiday ever and so I had to share my experience with the world. It is not really an all inclusive from my understanding so it is good, if you are looking not to spend so much on all inclusive, you can visit this place and still get your money’s worth. It is one of the few nice accommodations located on the beach that you will always get a room in almost all the time. The place is clean and has updated versions of most items and features, I loved it. I was comfortable here throughout my stay, the only problem I had was that the A/C stopped working at some point and when I called the attention of the front desk, it was fixed almost immediately. The internet connection as at the time I was here was great just that sometimes it felt like it was down but picked up again so it was manageable for a Caribbean holiday spot. The beach is about two minutes walk from the hotel so that’s an advantage; I didn’t have to walk all the way. There were loungers always provided for the guests to lay on with umbrellas as shades. The water was clean, calm and I enjoyed swimming here. All in all, the vacation wasn’t bad, had fun and will be coming back again.

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